“Racer” Rally Gloves

“Racer” Rally Gloves ( http://www.racerglovesusa.com )

Gloves… One of the most important gear purchases that a rider can make. Chances are, if you go down your hands go out first and are therefore are the first things to make contact with the ground. Correct or not, riders do this every day and its why I get the heebee-geebees anytime I see a rider with fingerless gloves or worse yet, no gloves! Yikes!


We Adventure Riders are a special breed. We want it all! Good for road, good for dirt, protective, not too hot, touch screen friendly, great fit, good looking and we want all that cheap. Tall order, huh? Well, the folks at Racer Gloves certainly have gone after that ideal. They aren’t cheap, but they aren’t over the top for a premium glove either.

The market is crowded with gloves from Dainese, Klim, Alpinestars and many, many others. All of these companies make some really great gloves and great gear in general. However, Racer has focused solely on gloves and have brought something to the market that is quite extraordinary.

Wearing the “Racer Rally Gloves”, I have spent the last few weeks riding in a few conditions including, street and off road on both my KTM 690 and my BMW 1200 GS. I used these gloves on the GS off road and the first thing to strike me at the end of the day when I took them off, is that it was as if I had worn them 200 times. Seriously a great fit and a feel that made made it seem like I had broken them in all ready! glove_3

The “Racer Rally Glove” was designed for off-road, adventure and dual sport riding and features a TPU knuckle protector, gel pad and soft palm protector. It’s a mesh topped glove that is geared toward warmer riding seasons. (Full description on their website: ( http://www.racerglovesusa.com/rally-glove/ ). The gloves retail for $79.99.

Overall, I think we will see more and more of this company and their fine products. They have several other gloves geared for other types of riding, both street and of course racing. In the future I will test their street and cooler weather offerings. So far, I couldn’t he happier with the fit and feel. I haven’t fallen with them on yet and I hope I don’t have to review that!

– Rikki

More at: http://www.racerglovesusa.com

Rikki Rockett

Drummer for Poison. Father to Jude & Lucy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 2nd Degree Black Belt Under Renato Magno Owner of Rockett Drum Works (www.RockettDrumWorks.com) Motorcycle Enthusiast

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